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M Park Konstancin


M Park Konstancin
Project Type
Retail Park
2 Pułaskiego street
Total surface
6,790 sq m
Retail space
2,262 sq m
Parking places
No. of Tenants

Property description

Retail Park Konstancin - Jeziorna is located in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, in the village of Chyliczki near Warsaw, famous for its beautiful green areas and microclimate. The commercial park is located between Konstancin - Jeziorna and Piaseczno. Distances are 3,2 km from the centre of Konstancin - Jeziorna,

M Park is located about 4 km from the centre of Piaseczno and 40 minutes to the centre of Warsaw. The project is accessible via the district road no. 721. At the back of the facility there are allotment gardens, from which you can get to your shopping by walking or cycling. Local service points are available for customers at our facility: Bakery, sausage shop, Optician, Laundromat, Żabka, pet food shop and Papiernik, as well as chain shops selling clothing, cosmetics and home accessories, and toys.



Main Tenants




Oppening hours


Mon-Friday 6 - 21,

sundays closed


  • 68 parking places
  • Directly at the bus stop

In the area

There is a Lidl general shop in the immediate vicinity of the property, a garden centre and a Vehicle Inspection Station.


Within 1 km there are:


  • House of Artists of the Veterans of the Polish Scenes,
  • retirement homes,
  • Piaseczno Sanepid,
  • numerous catering and service establishments.


The recipients of the services offered in our retail park are the residents of the surrounding single-family houses, allotment gardens, as well as customers crossing Pułaskiego Street on their way to and from work. 


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