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We are constantly looking for commercial properties land and investment areas.

We are also interested in purchasing plots

In 2019, we launched our own development department, whose main task is to create new facilities of the "Small Business Units" (SBUs) type.

We possess several dozen facilities of this type in France which are of great interest among tenants. Thus, we started the creation of a nationwide MultiParcs (SBUs) network on the Polish ground.

Key features of our SBUs (MultiParcs):

  • modular single- or double-storey buildings
  • multi-functional: enable service, trade, craft, exhibition, logistics and warehouse activities
  • built near cities, in an industrial or commercial setting
  • convenient access and good visibility
  • a fenced and monitored area
  • convenient parking lots with parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the module entrances
  • an advertising pylon placed next to each SBU, with the possibility of placing tenants' advertisements on it